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Enjoy instant and accurate plant identification with the most advanced application on the market. It all starts with one simple snap!

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How does it work?

PlantSpot recognizes all plants, flowers, and trees using advanced AI and machine learning. Just take 1 photo, and PlantSpot will tell you everything about the plant and how to take care after it.

Main features

Plant recognition
Instant plant identification - easy and fast way to find out every detail about the flower or tree in front of you.
Plant care
Useful tips to grow healthy and gorgeous plants. Notifications will remind you about watering & fertilizing.
Complete visual guide
Access the entire world's plant database with helpful details & tips, interesting facts, and beautiful images.


Miriam Bell
Best Plant ID App EVER!
I’ve tried several plant ID apps and none of them have been anywhere near as helpful as this one. It’s the best!
Candies Chou
Amazing app
As a gardener, I love this app. It’s a great addition to anyone who cares about the plants in their yard.
Mia Harris
This plant identifying app is amazing! It made my kids actually want to go outside and explore which in this day in age is hard to get your children off there video games to do.
Hannah Brown
Great App
It really helped to identify a lot of plants that no one in person knew the name of.
Abigail Williams
Easy and accurate
What more could you want? It’s extremely easy and so far has been completely accurate on the ones I double checked elsewhere. It seems to work equally well for flowers and trees. I’m actually in awe of how this app can do what it does.

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